Welcome to Imperium Credit Control, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

As everyone involved in business is all too aware, cash flow is arguably the most vital aspect of a company, no matter how big or small that business may be.

Late payments can not only have a devastating effect on the business in question, but can also cause a ripple effect in the payment chain — meaning a potential knock-on effect for multiple companies, especially in a country as small as Northern Ireland.

A far cry from the stereotypical image of the debt-collector, the team at Imperium Cashflow are both professional and ethical.

The company believes that a client’s relationship with their customers is the key to timely payments.

See how Imperium Credit Control can help your business

At Imperium Cashflow we offer a bespoke Credit Control Solution tailor made, to suit your business. As an Imperium Cashflow customer, you would have the benefit of an experienced credit controller contacting your debtors, as if they are a member of your staff.

  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Cost Effective
  • Lower Overheads
  • Good Customer Service
  • You can Focus on your business
  • No more chasing customers
  • Clear procedures
  • Increased Efficiency

And much much more, view our services page to find out full range of solutions, bespoke to your business.
If you have any questions about the service we can provide or to see how we can help you Contact Us…Email: cathy@imperiumcashflow.com | Tel: 07709814644